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Everything Nice Cake Shop & Café: A Cozy and Bright place in Baguio City

A nice and Cozy Cafe

Around November 2022, after arriving in Baguio for a 12-day food trip vlog, our first stop was at Everything Nice Cafe for our breakfast. They offer a wide variety of comfort food, from morning waffles and silog to evening ribs and barbeque. You can get some tasty pastries and coffee there, too.


You’ll find the spotless, brightly lit restaurant you’ve been searching for at their main location at Ayala Technohub, Camp John Hay. A pleasant place to study or catch up with friends.

Plenty of free parking spots are available at ayala technohub. Parking was easy; there was a spot just in front of the cafe.

Everything Nice Facade, Ayala Technohub, Camp John Hay
Everything Nice Cafe Interior

The interior of Everything Nice Cafe is a cozy and modern place, with big glass windows that give you a view of the pine trees outside. The atmosphere was just right for enjoying our breakfast.

Everything Nice Interior
Everything Nice Cafe Interior


Even though it was Sunday morning, the cafe was not very busy when we arrived at 10:30 AM, with only one group of people inside. Upon entering, we are greeted by the staff and invited to select a table. After that, we placed our orders.

Menu and Spiced Vinegar Perfect for Silog
DISCLAIMER: My star ratings are based only on my own experience and do not represent that of other guests.

The Food

The food eventually arrived, and I started with a cup of their Winter Ginger Tea, which I found to be quite soothing. Both the aroma and taste of this tea are really delightful.
Php 75 ($1.35) 

4.5 out of 5.0
Winter Ginger Tea

Given that it was breakfast, we also ordered a number of silog meals, beginning with the Sirloin Beef Tapa Silog, which came with two sunny-side-up eggs, a cup of garlic brown rice, and pickled papaya. The beef was tender and tasty, although the dish was not particularly hot when served.
Php 285 ($5)

4.0 out of 5.0
Sirloin Beef Tapa Silog

The next dish is Longganisa, another silog meal. And like the tapa, it was not satisfying hot when served but was still tasty.
Php 275 ($4.90)

3.5 out of 5.0
Longganisa Silog

We finished off the silogs with a plate of Chicken Tocino, and the cuts were lean and meaty, just the way I like it. Moreover, their spicy vinegar complemented the flavor well.
Php 310 ($5.50)

4.0 out of 5.0
Chicken Tocino Silog

We also had their Spinach and Muchroom Omelette, that comes with two slices of artisan bread with butter and maple syrup. The bread is a little tough, and the omelette is a bit salty, but it was okay.
Php 275 ($4.90)

3.5 out of 5.0
Spinach and Mushroom Omelette

And lastly, a cup of Cappuccino to round things up. Personally, I enjoy the brew and the frothy topping. Add the brown sugar that is included. This one is served at the ideal temperature. which is great for me.
Php 125 ($2.25)

4.5 out of 5.0

4.0 out of 5.0

Overall Satisfaction

Total Bill: Php 1,440 ($25.60)
(For 4-Pax)

Chillin while waiting for our bill to come

They also sell jarred treats including jam, marmalade, and crunchies.

Jam, Marmalade & Crinkles


Overall, we had a relaxing time here because, as I’d mentioned, even though it was Sunday, the restaurant wasn’t too busy. The atmosphere is also very cozy and calming, perhaps because of the large windows through which we could see the pine trees outside, as well as the harmonious blend of interior colors.

This is the kind of setting that would be ideal for anyone who needs a cozy environment in which to write, hang out, or do some serious studying.

Plus, we really appreciated that there was free parking just in front of the cafe, and much more space just across the street.

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