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Strawberry Picking Wonderland: Guide to the Perfect Picking Experience in La Trinidad, Benguet

Prepare to embark on a deliciously sweet adventure that will leave you with long-lasting memories! This comprehensive guide will explore the famous Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad, Benguet – just a few kilometers away from Baguio City. Its cool climate and fertile soil makes it the perfect place to experience the joy of picking strawberries and other fresh produce. So, let’s dive in and uncover the secrets of strawberry picking in La Trinidad.

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Welcome to La Trinidad’s Lush Strawberry Farm

Situated in the picturesque La Trinidad Valley, the Strawberry Farms is a must-visit destination in the Benguet province. The farm offers a unique opportunity to pick strawberries straight from the plant; nothing tastes better than a freshly picked strawberry!

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Our Strawberry Picking Adventure

We visited the Strawberry Farm in early April, right at the end of the strawberry picking season, which runs from February to April. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the enchanting sight of rows and rows of strawberry plants, heavy with ripe fruit.

We paid 700 PHP for 1 kilogram (1 basket) of strawberries, and there’s no entrance fee. Then, we ventured into the fields with our baskets and started our strawberry-picking journey. It was a delightful experience, feeling the soft, moist soil beneath our feet as we hunted for the ripest, reddest berries.

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Affordable Fun: Finding the Best Deals at the Strawberry Farm

We discovered during our visit to the Strawberry Farm that the deeper you venture into the farm, the more affordable the prices become. So don’t hesitate to explore the vast fields and compare prices from different caretakers. This is a great way to get the most value for your money while enjoying the best quality strawberries.

You’ll be greeted by friendly farm caretakers who are always happy to guide you through the picking process and share valuable tips. The prices for picking strawberries and entrance fees can range from PHP 700 to 780, so it’s worth shopping for the best deal. Just remember, the deeper you go, the cheaper it gets!

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Tips and Tricks for the Best Strawberry Picking Experience

  • Go early in the morning. The farm tends to get crowded as the day goes on, so arriving early gives you the best chance to enjoy the experience without the hustle and bustle of a crowd.
  • Dress appropriately. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes you don’t mind getting dirty, as the farm can get muddy after rain. A hat and sunscreen are also recommended, as the sun can be intense in the fields.
  • Be gentle when picking. Strawberries are delicate, and the ripe ones can easily be squished. Hold the berry with your thumb and index finger, and twist it off the stem.
  • Use a basket for collecting. Make sure to use a basket rather than your hands to manage the strawberries, as the warmth from your hands can affect the quality of the berries and potentially ruin them. Using a basket will keep your precious harvest in tip-top shape.
  • Ask the farmers for advice. The local farmers know the fields like the back of their hands and can guide you to the best spots for finding the juiciest strawberries.
  • Bring cash or gcash. Most of the stalls at the farm only accept cash or gcash, so make sure to have some on hand for your purchase
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A Harvest of Fresh Produce: Beyond Strawberries

While strawberries are undoubtedly the main attraction at La Trinidad’s Strawberry Farm, the fertile land and cool climate also allow for the cultivation of other fresh produce.

As you wander the fields, you’ll come across patches of lettuce, broccoli, and many more delicious, healthy vegetables you can pick and enjoy. It’s a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the farm-to-table experience and savor the freshest produce you can find.

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In Conclusion: A Sweet Escape

Strawberry picking in La Trinidad is more than just a fun activity – it’s a memorable experience that brings you closer to nature and allows you to appreciate the hard work of local farmers. So, if you’re planning a trip to Baguio, set aside a day for strawberry picking. It’s an adventure you won’t want to miss!


Frequently Asked Questions

When is the strawberry picking season in La Trinidad, Benguet?

Strawberry season runs from February to April.

Is there an entrance fee at the Strawberry Farm?

No, but the cost to pick strawberries is between 700 to 780 PHP per kilogram.

What’s the best time to visit the farm?

Going early in the morning is advisable to avoid crowds.

What’s the appropriate attire for strawberry picking?

Comfortable clothes and shoes that can get dirty. A hat and sunscreen are also recommended.

How should strawberries be picked?

Gently twist the berry off the stem, and collect them in a basket to keep them in good condition.

What payment methods are accepted at the farm?

Cash and GCash are the commonly accepted payment methods.

Can other vegetables be picked at the farm?

Yes, other fresh produce like lettuce and broccoli can also be picked.

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