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Tteok-bokki: The Spicy Korean Rice Cake You Need to Try

Tteok-bokki, commonly known as Korean stir-fried rice cakes, is a popular and beloved dish that’s loved by Koreans all over the world. This savory and spicy snack is made with soft cylindrical rice cakes cooked in a sweet and spicy sauce. It’s usually served with fish cake slices, boiled eggs, scallions, sesame seeds, seaweed flakes and hot pepper paste for an added kick of flavor. Tteok-bokki is one of Korea’s most iconic dishes that is sure to please even the pickiest eaters!

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The History Behind Tteok-Bokki: A Delicious Tale Of Royalty And Revolution

Tteok-boki has been around since ancient times but its popularity surged during the Joseon dynasty (1392–1897). During this period it was considered a delicacy reserved only for royalty due to its expensive ingredients like beef broth and exotic spices like cinnamon. But after being adopted by street vendors during the early 20th century it became accessible to everyone and quickly grew in popularity throughout Korea.

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Experience The Taste Of Authentic Asian Cuisine With Tteok-Bokki

Tteok-boki is an integral part of Asian cuisine. Its sweet and spicy flavors create an explosion in your mouth that will have you coming back for more! Rich in history and culture, this delicious dish has been around for centuries and is sure to please even the pickiest eaters. Experience authentic Asian cuisine with this iconic dish – tteok-boki!

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Get Creative With Tteok-Bokki – The Possibilities Are Endless

When it comes to cooking, you can get as creative as you want with tteok-boki. This versatile dish can be served as a snack or a main course, and you can customize it any way you like. Add vegetables for extra nutrition, top it off with cheese for an indulgent twist, or mix in different types of rice cakes – the possibilities are endless! So don’t limit yourself – explore new flavor combinations and create your own version of tteok-boki!

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Tteok-boki has been a staple in Korean cuisine for centuries and it’s easy to see why. This delicious dish is sure to please even the pickiest eaters with its sweet and spicy flavors. Whether you’re looking for a snack or a full meal, tteok-boki will hit the spot. So don’t wait any longer – treat your taste buds to the flavor of tteok-boki today! Get creative in the kitchen and make your own version or enjoy an authentic plate from your local eatery – either way, you won’t be disappointed! Jal Meokkesseumnida!



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Tteok-bokki, commonly known as Korean stir-fried rice cakes, is a popular and beloved dish that’s loved by Koreans all over the world.

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  • 250 grams 250 Rice Cake

  • 2 cups 2 Anchovy Stock

  • 2 sheets 2 Fish Cake (eomuk)

  • 2 tbsp 2 Gochugang (Korean red chili pepper paste)

  • 2 tbsp 2 gochugang (Korean red chili pepper flakes) adjust to taste

  • 2 2 Scallions

  • 2 2 Hard-Boiled Eggs

  • 1 tbsp 1 Soy Sauce

  • 2 tbsp 2 Sugar

  • 1/2 tbsp 1/2 Corn Syrup

  • Sesame Seeds


  • Soak the rice cake in warm water for about 10 minutes in a medium bowl.
  • Tteokbokki Sauce
  • In a bowl, mix together the gochugang, gochugaru, corn syrup, soy sauce, and sugar. Mix them together well.
  • In a shallow pot over medium-high heat, bring the anchovy stock to a boil. Stir the tteokbokki sauce into the boiling stock to dissolve it.
  • When the seasoned stock is boiling, add the rice cakes, fish cakes, hard-boiled eggs, and scallions.Boil them for about 3 to 5 minutes, or until the rice cakes are done.
  • Stir the rice cakes often so they don’t stick to the pan’s bottom.
  • Then, simmer the sauce over low heat for about 6 to 8 minutes to make it thicker and give it a deeper flavor. Taste the sauce, and if the seasoning need more, do so.
  • Sprinkle some sesame seeds. Serve steaming hot!

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